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IV infusion

The product line includes devices involved in arterial and venous indwelling, as well as some positive pressure access products, which are used in phased drug infusion in the process of disease treatment, and the demand for luminal indwelling device products for human cavity administration is increasing in recent years.


Diabetes Care

The product line covers insulin drug injection devices as well as devices for monitoring insulin, focusing on the future development of products (micro, precision delivery and painless microneedle puncture).


Specimen Collection

In addition to the series of human blood sample collection products, the product line develops sample collection containers for different purposes including body fluids and saliva to form a complete supply product chain for detection and diagnosis; The main application scenarios have gradually expanded from clinical testing to family fields such as public health and disease prevention, and most products can be registered for the record.


Intervention Devices

In addition to the products involved in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular interventional treatment, the product line includes arteriovenous puncture intervention, spinal puncture intervention, reproductive diagnosis and treatment intervention, etc., which are mainly used for interventional examination, diagnosis, treatment, etc. of the clinical human orifice, and interventional instruments are exclusive to clinical specialists for treatment and diagnosis equipment.


Aesthetic Devices

Various device product lines for non-surgical medical aesthetic projects, including hair transplant devices, liposuction, freckle removal equipment kits, injection fillers, etc., as well as dressing products managed by medical devices, the main application scenarios are medical aesthetic specialist outpatient diagnosis and treatment devices.


Veterinary Medical Devices

The product line is made of polymer materials for the treatment of animal diseases, as well as various infusion instruments, puncture instruments, drainage, breathing tubes, etc., as well as auxiliary equipment required for animal care; Application scenarios are not only limited to pet hospitals, but also more application scenarios are reflected in families with pets.


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About us


Kindly (KDL) Group was established in 1987, mainly engaged in manufacturing, R&D, sales and trade of medical puncture device. We are the first company passed CMDC certificate in medical devices industry in 1998 and got EU TUV certificate and passed American FDA on site audit successively. Over 30 years, KDL Group was successfully listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on 2016 (Stock code SH603987) and have more than 60 wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries. As a professional medical device manufacturer, KDL can provide a wide range of products includes syringes, needles, tubings, IV infusion, diabetes care, intervention devices, pharmaceutical packaging, aesthetic devices, veterinary medical devices and specimen collection etc.

Our advantage 01

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Kindly Group as professional medical device manufacturer has a variety of qualifications and certificates include CE conformity, FDA approval, ISO13485, TGA and MDSAP. These certifications assure regulators and consumers that medical devices are manufactured according to established standards and guidelines, ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

Our advantage 02

Competitive Advantage and Global Acceptance

Medical devices with the required certification are recognized globally, which means that manufacturers can sell their products globally. By obtaining the required certifications, Kindly Group gains a competitive advantage over competitors. Compliance with these standards gives resellers, healthcare providers and end users confidence that medical devices are safe, effective and reliable.

Our advantage 03

Reduce Risk and Improve Quality Assurance

Kindly Group as a certified medical device manufacturers reduce the risk of product recalls, liability claims due to non-compliance. The certification process includes quality assurance assessments to ensure that manufacturers produce medical devices that meet established product design, development, and manufacturing standards.

Our advantage 01

Innovative Design

Kindly Group has been a trusted name in medical device manufacturing for over decades. The innovative design used to create its devices have made the company a force to be reckoned with in the healthcare industry. This is achieved by investing heavily in research and development, ensuring that the devices produced is at the cutting edge of medical technology. Kindly Group is able to provide user-friendly, efficient and effective medical devices.

Our advantage 02

Process Flow

Kindly Group has a complete technological process to ensure the highest quality of its medical devices. We manufacture medical devices using cutting-edge technology and equipment, ensuring they meet the stringent standards required by the healthcare industry.

Our advantage 01

Price and Cost Advantage

The price and cost advantage of Kindly Group is a major factor in attracting customers. The group invests heavily in R&D to create top-of-the-line medical devices affordable to consumers. The R&D team works tirelessly to reduce production costs without sacrificing product quality. Therefore, Kindly Group can provide customers with competitive prices without compromising the quality of medical equipment.

Our advantage 02

After-Sales Service

Kindly Group also provides comprehensive after-sales service. The team at Kindly Group understands that medical devices require ongoing support to function at the highest level. Therefore, we provide professional support through a dedicated customer service team, technical experts and maintenance team. These teams work tirelessly to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the products they purchase.

Our advantage 01

Market Leadership

Kindly Group has a wide range of innovative products and a team of experts who work tirelessly to ensure their equipment meets the ever-changing needs of the industry. Kindly Group has taken this approach and continues to lead the industry through breakthrough innovations that have helped countless patients around the world.

Our advantage 02

Global Marketing Network

The global marketing network of Kindly Group is another advantage that sets them apart from the competition. By having a presence in key markets around the world, companies can reach a wider audience and position their products as industry standards. This global marketing presence ensures that these devices are available to patients in different parts of the world, thereby expanding the reach of medical innovation.